La Pâtisserie

  1. Front-end /
  2. Web Design /
  3. UX /
  4. SASS /
  5. HTML5 /
  6. Branding

Project Overview

This project consists of the design and development of a template for a small/medium size business in the field of bakery, pastry, p√Ętisserie, or confectionery. However, the colours and typography must be easy to modify for other types of business.

The primary purpose is this website to be the place for displaying different products or services divided into three separate categories and order them via an online form.

Additionally, the site includes a contact form, a Google map showing the specific business address, and a slide show.

Finally, this template is fully responsive. It has three different breakpoints and is print friendly.

My Part

Design and development of the website template.

Some Credits

Pictures from and

Set of different size devices displaying the website
Flats displaying the design of the different pages in website
Tablet on desk displaying the contact page of NUBAL's website
iPhone five screen showing different parts of the website