Núcleos Balanceados

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  2. Web Design /
  3. WordPress /
  4. UX

Project Overview

As an emergent company, NUBAL S.A. decided to revamp their old website for one that met the current need for web presence.

This site was created for getting awareness of the company -NĂșcleos Balanceados S.A.- and to display their regular, as well as their newest line of products. WordPress was used for this project so that the client could add or remove products as needed.

Accordingly to the target audience for this website, it needs to be easy to use and very practical and efficient.

Among others, it includes a contact form, a toggle list of contact details, and Slider Revolution. It is also fully responsive.

My Part

My role on this project starts with the information architecture and goes from the design and development to the final implementation and posterior publishing of it.

The Client

NUBAL S.A. (Núcleos Balanceados S.A.) is a Colombian company. It was created in 2001 and has been offering products to the agriculture and livestock industry for animal nutrition, prevention, and quality optimisation of the raw material and their balanced feed.

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iMac screen dispalyig the homepage of NUBAL's website
woman's hand going through the homepage of NUBAL's website
Tablet on desk displaying the contact page of NUBAL's website