Dibujos de Bolsillo

  1. Front-end /
  2. Web Design /
  3. UX /
  4. SASS /
  5. HTML5 /
  6. PHP

Project Overview

Trying to increase the awareness of her work, Laura Medina, author or Dibujos de Bolsillo decides to create a website for laying out her best pieces. She has in mind making of it an e-commerce site.

My Part

My role on this project goes from the content organisation to the final website. Some of the tasks involved in the process where: information architecture, website design and development.

The Client

Dibujos de Bolsillo is an Instagram-based project created by Lauren Medina. She's a copywriter who found in her watercolours and acrylics illustrations a different way of telling stories about typical people and how they feel and perceive their experiences, fears, and dreams. Lauren's artwork inspires us to find new and original ways to tell us what matters to us.

Desk displaying some of Laura's working tools and inspirational items. A big screen is displaying the homepage of Dibujos de Bolsillo website.
Desk with Mackbook and iPhone displaying the artwork gallery page of her website.
Flats showing the layout of the pages when displayed on tablet and bigger screens.
Flats showing the layout of the pages when displayed on mobile screens.